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Well and Pump FAQs

Question: My pump is making a lot of noise and my water pressure is low. What should I do?

Answer: We should check your well for depth and for standing static level, be your well shallow or deep we could calculate the water pressure problem. Pump sizing for deep wells or shallow wells should be calculated to your gallon per minute needs. Submersible pumps sometimes can overcome your water pressure problems instead of using jet pumps. Where as deep well dual line jets will not give you high pressure but will give you good house-hold water needs. Sometimes we have been called to check well and pump problems and found a dual line deep well jet pump. Call us for a free analysis of your needs.

Question: Has the drought affected our shallow wells?

Answer: The answer is “YES” and when the water table drops it changes the pumping performance of your jet pump. After calculating your gallon per minute needs we may re-size your jet pump to get the gpm’s and psi that you need. Please call for us to calculate the sizing of your pump.

Question: How many sprinklers can I put on a zone with my well and pump?

Answer: Again, calculating your well depth and your well lift we can calculate the proper size pump and type of pump that will work best for your needs. Just give us a call.

Question: Why is my well and pump staining the drive way and home more than it used to?

Answer: When the water table drops in your deep or shallow well the iron content thickens and not only stains more but causes more damage to your deep or shallow well pump. This is all due to Mother Nature and the iron coats your pump head and slows down the pumping performance of your deep well or shallow well pump.